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Contact centre solution

Voicedesk currently collaborates with a complete multi-channel contact centre solution that can help you take your customer interaction to the next level.

Contact centre solution

Take your customer interaction to the next level

Today’s customers are online almost all the time and expect services that are personal, relevant and always available.

Our cloud-based contact centre solution brings all this together and helps thousands of users deliver a seamless service that requires minimal end-user effort at all times and via any type of device. The contact centre solution is scalable and can be quickly rolled out and integrated with virtually all existing technologies that you can imagine to use in your contact centre or mobile strategy.

Case management system

We can integrate with the systems you currently have or offer you what we believe is the best case management system on the market, where you can manage all communication on incoming channels through e-mail, chatt, sms, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

Voicedesk provides a case management with 360-degree view focused on customer service.


  • Quality - Integrated FAQ/answer database that is easy to adapt to your requirements.
  • Full history - See all communication in the case and from the sender.
  • Efficiency increased - If there are several unanswered requests from a customer, the same agent can answer all of them in a single response.
  • Receipt function - case number is sent automatically.
  • Reports - For all key figures that may be of interest all the way down to individual level and seconds. Reports are run in real time.
  • Chat - A chat client is included in the case management system and is supported by the FAQ/answer database. The agent sees the entire history of the customer in the chat. Possibility of having several parties in the same chat.
  • SMS - Supported in the case management system, which provides an interface for all electronic communication.
  • Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin/Instagram - manage and answer posts and PMs.
  • All updates included - You will always have the latest version.
  • No installation - Completely web-based.
  • Spellcheck - More than 90 languages.

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